Spend Fall Semester 2023 Studying Abroad!

To all interested students

If you are looking for Study Abroad opportunities, we are offering a trip to Urbino, Italy. Follow the link below to fill out your application.

View of Urbino, Italy

Application deadline is March 15th, 2023

Global Study Center at Urbino, Italy serves as UTSA's commitment to internationalization, multiculturalism, and diversity. Recognizing the value of having a strategic location to elevate the university’s international profile, GSC Italy also serves as the first UTSA Global Study Center supporting the facilitation of UTSA’s activities throughout Italy and neighboring European countries.

“My favorite thing about studying abroad in Italy is the cultural immersion. It is unreal how much of a difference this makes in my life and my view of the world. This has been a life-changing experience.”
Ricardo Del Rio, Senior in Civil and Environmental Engineering

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We appreciate your interest in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Construction Management at UTSA and extend our warmest welcome to you from the Department.