Neda Norouzi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Architecture and Planning



Dr. Neda Norouzi believes that architecture should benefit everyone and that, through human-centered design, it can be used as a tool to allow input from people in society who may otherwise be unheard. She extends this inclusive approach in the classroom, sharing her passion for purposeful design with her students. Her research focuses on the impact of the built environment on people’s quality of life.

Neda is a personable, result-oriented, human-centered, environmental designer, professor, and researcher skilled in intergenerational and healthcare architecture, urban and regional planning, and public speaking. With a PhD in Architectural + Design Research, a Master of Architecture, a Master of Urban Regional Planning, and a Bachelor degree in Environmental Design, she exemplifies a cross disciplinary understanding of the influence of the built environment on human health, wellbeing, and performance. She has extensive experience working with practitioners and researchers from different fields and conducting interdisciplinary research to identify architectural solutions for societal problems.

Her PhD from Virginia Tech focuses on the design of intergenerational facilities. Her research involved empirically applying developmental theories in architectural design of intergenerational facilities in order to enhance the quality of intergenerational interactions that positively influence the life of elders ages 65+ and children under the age of five. Her work resulted in a new model that, developed through architectural conditions of phenomenological typologies that support the tenets of developmental theories, can also apply to the design of environments that serve single generation programs such as preschool, K-12 schools, assisted living facilities, and senior housing.

As a faculty member at the Department of Architecture at University of Texas at San Antonio, Dr. Norouzi is currently working with San Antonio State Hospital on preplanning and design of a new state of the art psychiatric care facility. Through this work, she has involved undergraduate and graduate students in the research and design process, resulting in students winning multiple research awards. Her teaching experience includes healthcare seminar and studio course, design thinking and drawing methods, and research methodology. She is dedicated to the education of design professionals and continues to conduct research and collaborate with practitioners toward a better understanding of the relationship between human health, wellbeing, and performance with the built environment.


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