Saadet Toker-Beeson, PhD

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Community Engagement, Architecture and Planning



Dr. Saadet Toker-Beeson received her bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Middle East Technical University (METU) (Ankara-Turkey) in 1998. She completed her Masters (M.Sc.) in the Building Science program at METU in 2000. Her PhD research was on earthquake resistant architectural design and strengthening of reinforced concrete buildings and was completed in Building Science program at METU in 2004. Meanwhile she was a visiting researcher in the Civil and Architectural Engineering Department, University of Bath, England.

In 2004, she was assigned to Suleyman Demirel University (Isparta, Turkey) Department of Architecture. From 2008 to 2009, she worked as a post doctoral research fellow in the Civil and Architectural Engineering Department of University of Wyoming, WY. After she completed her studies there, she continued her research and teaching in Suleyman Demirel University. Until August 2009 she served there as an Assistant Professor and taught several classes within her field of interest and qualifications such as: Statics, Strength of Materials, Behavior and Analysis of Structures, Reinforced Concrete (Theory and Analysis), Reinforced Concrete Design, Steel Structures, Advanced Structural Systems, Earthquake Resistant Building Design and Architectural Design. She also served in many administrative positions and had active roles on several committees.

Her fields of interest are Structural Design, Evaluation of Existing Structures, Architectural View in Structural Design, Masonry Structures, Historic Buildings, Retrofit and Reinforcement of Buildings, Architectural and Structural Solutions for Earthquake Resistant Building Design.


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