Maggie Valentine, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Architecture and Planning



Dr. Maggie Valentine has been awarded the honorary title of Professor Emeritus from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Dr. Maggie Valentine taught history and theory of architecture, interior design, and urban planning for both graduate and undergraduate students. She holds a B.A. in history from California State University and a Ph.D. in Architecture and Urban Planning from UCLA. Before coming to UTSA in 1993, she taught at California State University, University of California at Los Angeles, SciARC in Los Angeles, and Montana State University.

Her research interests include the social context of architecture, regionalism, and the spirit of place, and has published books, articles, and chapters in these areas. She is the author of The Show Starts on the Sidewalk; An Architectural History of the Movie Theatre (Yale); The Architecture of Democracy ( with Charles Jencks); and a series of Oral Histories documenting life at Taliesin (UCLA, the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation). She has also co-authored several master plans for communities in South Texas.