Posted on October 4, 2019 by Sean Garnsey

As part of CACP Assistant Professor Dr. Antonio Martinez-Molina’s current Design/Build studio, Chris Smith of Zehnder America will give a talk, “Improving Indoor Air Quality Through Energy Recovery Ventilation,” from Noon-1pm on Wednesday, October 9. Mr. Smith’s talk is free and open to the public and will be held in the Buena Vista Building’s Aula Canaria Auditorium (BV 1.328) on the UTSA Downtown Campus.

As the building industry continues to design and construct more durable, energy-efficient buildings, it is essential to consider the ways in which these environments can benefit occupants. Advanced airtightness in the building envelope is proven to save energy and prolong the life of building assemblies, but also calls for deliberate, controlled, balanced mechanical ventilation.

Mr. Smith’s presentation will provide an overview of the best residential ventilation practices to provide for the health and comfort of the occupants while conserving as much energy as possible. The following are the learning objectives of his talk.

1) Identify the basic factors that affect Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in modern buildings.
2) Understand the basis of codes and certification standards that require mechanical ventilation.
3) Identify the most common types of residential ventilation systems and describe their advantages and disadvantages.
4) Understand the functional principles and best design practices of HRV/ERV systems.


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— Sean Garnsey