Posted on February 11, 2020 by Klesse College

FEBRUARY 10, 2020 — An undergraduate program at UTSA is being recognized for its affordability. The civil engineering bachelor’s degree program landed at the 42nd spot of Affordable Schools’ 50 Best Affordable Civil Engineering Degree Programs list for 2020.

Affordable Schools is an online higher education resource that helps students find “high-quality education while avoiding huge college costs and in many cases huge college debt.” Affordable Schools evaluated 250 schools with a civil engineering program after consulting with the National Center for Education Statistic’s College Navigator database.

The list was formulated based on looking at the average in-state cost for taking 30-semester credits per year; the U.S. Department of Education’s latest average student-faculty ratio and which programs had the best graduation rate.

“The programs in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have enriched the lives of many of its graduates,” says Mehdi Shadaram, who is interim department chair. “The department has produced leading experts in areas of environmental, structural and transportation engineering who respond to the grand engineering challenges.”

— Klesse College