Posted on April 22, 2020 by Sean Garnsey

(April 22, 2020) — Congratulations to UTSA CACP’s David Matiella and Sue Ann Pemberton, who each received a University Excellence Award! Matiella was honored in the Core Curriculum Category for Non-Tenure Track Faculty, while Pemberton received the Richard S. Howe Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award. The virtual ceremony was held April 21.

From the program, which can be viewed here:

“In the Core Curriculum Category for Non-Tenure Track faculty, the award goes to David Matiella in the College of Architecture, Construction and Planning. Matiella shows his dedication to teaching and student learning through his use of a structured notetaking format that includes critical analysis and response. This approach, among other innovative instructional approaches, met the core curriculum objectives for fostering critical thinking, communication through writing and journaling, and social responsibility. Students have responded well to this structured notetaking format, as seen with his positive student evaluations. Additionally, his mastery and fluency of the subject matter contributes to strong student engagement and learning amongst his students.”
—Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy, Provost

“Our second recipient of the Richard S. Howe Undergraduate Teaching Award is Architecture Assistant Professor in Practice Sue Ann Pemberton-Haugh in the College of Architecture, Construction and Planning. She has developed many signature experiences and engaged students in activities in the community. Sue Ann has created a strong message of civic mindedness and community engagement through student projects such as the Noragachi Field School in Mexico and in various local and regional organizations.
—Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy, Provost

Read more about the University Life Awards and see the full list of winners on UTSA Today.


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— Sean Garnsey