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(May 22, 2020) — Each year the Faculty in the Department of Architecture collectively honor architecture and interior design students who represent the best of design in their respective year and discipline in our department. The nominees for the Design Awards are selected by respective faculty members and, in typical years, winners are chosen at each level by vote of the faculty. Considering the circumstances of the Spring 2020 semester, the Department of Architecture is honoring all students that were nominated in this year’s process.

View the virtual Design Awards ceremony on YouTube.

View the Design Awards presentation here.


2020 UTSA Department of Architecture Design Awards:

Foundation Year – Architecture & Interior Design
Andrew Flores
Guillermo Garza
Orla Brothers
Jared Braunholz
Aneida Flores-Garcia
Angelica Reyes-Miller


Second Year – Architecture & Interior Design
Angel Estrada
Stuart Hanson
Doug Long
Alexandra Rocha
Zander Vela
Martin Alba
Alyciana Munoz


Third and Fourth Year – Interior Design
Michael Rodriguez
Jacob Aguilar
Jaime Perez


Third and Fourth Year – Architecture
Francisco Loredo
Rodolfo Macias
Dana Martinez
Kali Miller
Devin Stewart
Eleanor Aloisi
Jessica Mosher
Jay Garcia
Gary Smith


Graduate Architecture
Mauricio Garza
Jeetali Raje
Amhritha Murali
Akram Alawad
Jesus Lopez
Alejandro Rodriguez Guajardo
Bao Nguyen
Marisa Dominguez
Porter Hehr
Gonzalo Fraga


The 2020 Honor Award in Urban and Regional Planning is given to the highest-ranking URP student in the program.

Honor Award in Urban and Regional Planning: Veronica Escalara-Ibarra


The UTSA Office of Sustainability recognizes students who show unique understanding of sustainable design, have been active in community engagement and used the opportunity to incorporate sustainability outside the curriculum, or are a guiding light for other students in sustainable research and strategy.

UTSA Sustainability Award: Irina Ness, Porter Hehr, Selina Angel


The Chair’s Design Award honors excellence in the graduate program within the Department with an award for the best work of those about to enter their respective professions. The Chair’s Design Award for Best Master’s Project in Architecture honors graduate students in their final semester for work on their final project – known as the Master’s Project. This project is the culmination of their work as an architecture student and is based on a year’s worth of work as they have prepared themselves for professional practice.

Chair’s Design Award for Best Master’s Project goes to Elizabeth Striedel, with an honorable mention to Andre Simon.


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— Sean Garnsey