Posted on January 24, 2022 by Rory Dew

JANUARY 24, 2022 — UTSA’s Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS), a program in the UTSA Margie and Bill Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design, is working with The DoSeum, San Antonio’s renowned children’s museum, to develop an interactive educational experience. The project, a 4D Helicopter Immersion exhibit, is designed to expose Doers—the name for DoSeum attendees—to the impacts of climate change.

In early discussions with The DoSeum, UTSA students involved in the EPICS program considered developing an arcade game and also had an idea to include drones.

“When discussing this project with The DoSeum, they asked us if we could combine all of the elements, so it became a helicopter simulation,” said Vianney Aguilera ‘21, who graduated last fall with a B.S. in electrical engineering. “So the children will get to choose which part of the world they’d like to visit. Let’s say it’s the Arctic. The exhibit will simulate the helicopter taking off and then landing in the Arctic, where they will see the impact of climate change.”

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— Rory Dew