Posted on April 27, 2022 by Rory Dew

APRIL 27, 2022 — The UTSA Office of Commercialization and Innovation (OCI) today presented its annual UTSA Innovation Awards to recognize excellence in discovery and impact within the university research community. These annual awards are presented in five categories, the lead indicators of UTSA’s success at commercializing innovations.

This year’s event celebrated 40 researchers for their contributions, including two Innovators of the Year.

“UTSA helps build a brighter future for everyone. It incubates innovation. This event celebrates the curious minds across campus that bring this innovation, these new ideas to life—ideas and innovation that fix problems, address challenges and reveal what is possible. Producing new knowledge is one of the most powerful contributions that UTSA makes to the community, which we highlight with these awards,” said Rod McSherry , UTSA associate vice president for innovation and economic development.

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— Rory Dew