Posted on April 8, 2024 by Storm Goodman

Makerspace Monday Minute

Makerspace Monday Minute

Often, the Makerspace is overflowing with sprawling ideas, revolutionary machines, and teams ready to tackle the problems of today and the future, but it can also be an exceptional place for engineering students to unwind. For students Amanda Lugo and Cannan Barnes, the Makerspace serves as the best place to study and gather inspiration. In preparation for a challenging upcoming test, these two Mechanical Engineer students decided to forego the bustle of the library and try studying at a place more suited to their interests. 




“I think it is very motivating to just look around and see other engineering students."



Having never been to the Makerspace before, the students were instantly won over by the atmosphere and the feelings of solidarity that stem from working in a vicinity full of fellow engineers. 

The Makerspace is a home for many Klesse College students, and we are proud to highlight students enjoying and utilizing this space tailored specifically for them.

— Storm Goodman

This story is a part of the Makerspace Mondays series. 

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