Posted on May 20, 2024 by Storm Goodman

The Main Campus Makerspace machine shop.

The Main Campus Makerspace machine shop.

The Makerspace is a massive space with tons of cool and varied machinery, which can be intimidating to newer students looking to help out, but getting involved in the Makerspace is much easier than many students may believe. There are many ways to get involved, whether it be as a volunteer, attending the myriad of hosted workshops, or even as a paid student worker. Speaking to any of the Makerspace staff is the best way to learn about Makerspace and what students need to do.



“We are just open to anyone who would like to get experience or help out. We (Staff) are out and about in all the areas daily and are welcoming to anyone who would like to come in and get information on whichever area of interest,” writes Jacob Loberg, a member of the Makerspace staff. 

The best way to get accustomed to working within and utilizing the Makerspace is by attending training sessions hosted by the Makerspace Staff. Safety training is required for all students who want to use the machine shop and plastic print lab. To utilize the metal print lab, students must obtain steel-toed shoes as well as a properly checked respirator. After that, students are encouraged to shadow Makerspace staff as they work on projects to help get a better understanding of how all of the machines work and how to deal with any situations that may arise. 

Attending the weekly workshops held by the Makerspace staff is also another great way to increase your understanding of the Makerspace and all of its various areas and equipment. In each workshop, students will get the opportunity to utilize various Makerspace machines to complete a fun project. Past workshops included creating a metal die, a small metal model of a Tesla Cybertruck, and even a metal pen. 

“There's something special about being able to plan and host a workshop and getting students exposed to things early in their studies. We’ve seen many faces come through Makerspace and it's nice to meet all the different skill sets”


 For those students who are not as interested in machining, there are also regular video game tournaments held in the Makerspace, providing students an additional way to come have fun and engage with the Makerspace.

There is no formal application process to become a Student Worker or obtain a Work Study at the Makerspace, so volunteering and getting involved is the best way to receive an employment offer. Becoming a volunteer at the Makerspace is a simple, yet rewarding process. Students just need to talk to any of the current Makerspace staff to become registered volunteers. When registering to become a Makerspace volunteer, students will be asked what areas and machines they are most interested in, enabling the Makerspace staff to make sure all of their volunteer assignments are related to areas the student is interested in. 

“The UTSA Makerspace will be the most influential and positive impact on my career. I've been able to get so much experience in a multitude of both technical and soft skills that will propel me further than your average student in my position”, Jacob Loberg writes.

— Storm Goodman

This story is a part of the Makerspace Mondays series. 

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