“I believe my internship with RPS Group has been extremely insightful and helpful for my career path. I’m also proud to say I’ve been offered a job offer to work full-time after my graduation in May 2024.”
Alexis Renteria, Civil Engineering, RPS Group - TetraTech
“I had a taste of what my future career will be like, and I am looking forward to it ever more. I pride myself not only in having this grand opportunity to grow and see what my future can look like, but by having a renewed determination of why I am working so hard in becoming an Engineer.”
Jeremiah Davis, Electrical Engineering, BHE & Associates
“Through this internship I was able to elevate my Spanish to a professional level, create code that would be sold to clients and teach the employees about Pachyderm, a software they wanted to implement in their practice.”
Katia Amori, Computer and Electrical Engineering , Decidata
Student Spotlight: Katia Amori
“The great variety of the work and the real world implications of what I participated in helped me to understand the value of what I was learning in my degree and increased my drive to complete my Bachelor's and to continue my education afterwards.”
Jered Bass, Chemical Engineering, Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Student Spotlight: Jered Bass
“From my time with Honeywell, I was able to serve as a process engineer with a primary focus in Process Safety Management contributing to the upkeep of safety standards across different plant units. I was assigned various projects that granted me complete freedom, encouraging the development of trust in my instincts and knowledge that I learned in the classroom.”
Nathaly Amaya, Chemical Engineering, Honeywell
“At ISR, we have several ongoing projects. We make medical devices by utilizing robotics, ultrasound imaging, image processing, signal processing, fabrication, CAD, and programming. I have learned a lot about the project process from start to finish.”
Michael Lopez, Computer and Electrical Engineering, U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
Student Spotlight: Michael Lopez
“Over the course of the 11 weeks, I was able to learn a wealth about semiconductor manufacturing process and loved how hands-on the position was. I made many meaningful connections with both my mentors and other interns from around the country.”
Ania Dudek, Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Malik Farooq
“My project was directed towards educational outreach; however, I was able to spend some time researching various topics within the aviation industry (a field of interest).”
Malik Farooq, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
“During the summer I focused on my goal of pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering through several new research techniques and experiences. I am grateful to everyone I worked with this summer for their mentorship and guidance which I will use for the rest of my career.”
Diana Herrera-Diaz, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Biomedical Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates
“Projects related to utilities and infrastructure showed me that there is always more to learn, and different perspectives are needed to approach a problem-solving process. ”
Jonas Marcelle, Kaneka
“I think it was really helpful to start at the ground level seeing the work that civil engineers design in office being constructed in the field.”
Collin Matthies, Alumni, Alvarez College of Business 2019
“I had never been so sure of my future until now. While others felt that what they were doing wasn't right for them, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else doing anything else. I love being in the lab and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.”
Kailee Mendiola, Notre Dame's 2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium
“During the summer I had the privilege of interning at the Valero Three Rivers Refinery. I was quickly captivated by the complexity of the refinery and how vital its products are to our daily lives, such as providing San Antonio with fuel for its cars and planes!”
Everett Ornstein, Valero Three Rivers Refinery
Michelle Voges
“This incredible opportunity allowed me to see the applications of Thermodynamics, Fluids, and Heat Transfer in the real world. Thus, I believe I will be more prepared when I take those courses in the upcoming semesters.”
Michelle Voges, Consulting Engineering Services (CES)
“What I gained from my summer internship at BioMarin is my ability to collaborate in a team environment, networking/making connections within several departments in the company, and gaining insight about the biopharmaceutical industry that strives to save people lives through cutting-edge biotechnology.”
Ricardi Widjaksono, BioMarin
“During my internship I conducted dental practice-based research and by serving dental professionals and their patients through education and collegiality in an effort to improve oral health.”
Kelinda Shen, UT Health San Antonio

These students also participated in Klesse College internships in the summer of 2023. 

Jessica Grant - Alamo Architects 

Jesus Guillen - Amazon Web Services 

Alejandro Moran - Armon Homes  

Nico Proano - BNSF 

Diego Valdes Cavazos - Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT 

Guadalupe Serrano-Gaines - Chevron 

Lori Lee - HDR 

Eduardo Garcia - Honda 

Noah Hernandez - NASA 

Darren Belotte - NHERI REU 

Agustin Panalez - PEMEX 

Edward Gonzalez -  Rebollar Pratt and Whitney 

Lorinda Aspiras - S&B Engineers and Constructors 

Haya Abdelaziz  - Southwest research institute  

Oscar Alvarez - Structure Tone Southwest 

Maria Gonzalez Nunez - Texas Biomedical Research Institute 

Chris Rosenbaum - Turner Construction 

Luis Flores - University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Reillan Sawyer - University of Texas at Dallas 

Alba Chocron - UTSA Biomedical Research Lab 

Alexandra Orona - Westwood Professional Services