Three students in the Makerspace

Main Campus Makerspace

The UTSA Makerspace is a 17,000 square foot space on the first floor of the Science and Engineering Building (SEB 1.150). The space includes resources for all students to use to work on their projects, including Senior Design, laboratory and student organization among others!

Downtown Makerspace

Downtown Makerspace

A place at the Downtown Monterey Building in which people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment and knowledge. Computer Labs, Service Desk, Print Shop, Makerspace Wood Shop, Mini-Fab Lab, Materials Store and much more. It’s all Here!

Makerspace Mondays logo

Makerspace Mondays

Makerspace Mondays is an online series dedicated to showcasing the many creators, innovators, and visionaries of Klesse College at UTSA and the various ideas they have brought to life, within the walls of the incredible place known as the Makerspace.