UTSA Klesse Vision

The UTSA vision is to become a premier research institution. Our mission is to promote research as an academic enhancement for UTSA students, build the University’s reputation for research excellence, and reach out to industry and government to expand the research funding available. UTSA's research expenditure continues to grow year-over-year, reaching $134 million in fiscal year 2020.

Access to participation in university research is an important part of an excellent education, and UTSA plays a distinctive role among research universities in its commitment to undergraduate research. Some students have used their research at UTSA to lay the groundwork for entrepreneurship and to bring to market new inventions and patents.

UTSA is recognized for research excellence.

Growing Research Expenditures

During fiscal year 2020, UTSA’s research expenditures grew to $134 million, a 66% annual growth from $80.6 million in financial year 2019.

Students in a research lab looking at biomedical research on their computer stations

Thriving Research Culture at UTSA

Undergraduate and graduate students enjoy a thriving research culture at UTSA, working alongside faculty members who are highly regarded in their fields. As early as their freshman year, UTSA students are involved in a broad spectrum of research activities, whether it’s developing new approaches for stem cell therapy, creating bone scaffolds, examining the nuances of music theory or patenting new technologies.

To facilitate commercialization, the university has developed a strong entrepreneurial network to take UTSA inventions to market. This network, along with the UTSA Office of Commercialization and Innovation, enables industrial research partnerships, intellectual property management, proof-of-concept development, new venture incubation, entrepreneurial training, and policies and procedures that accelerate the transition of intellectual property from the university to industry.