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Since the awarding of the first BSEE degree in 1984, our ECE alumni community has continued to grow with the addition of new degree programs, such as the BS in Computer Engineering, MS in Electrical Engineering, MS in Computer Engineering, MS in Advanced Materials, and PhD in Electrical Engineering. Together, we form a large and diverse family of ECE alumni.

Our ECE alumni have achieved extraordinary success as engineers, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Our graduates have made significant contributions to a wide range of industries, from advancing cutting-edge technologies to leading major corporations and government agencies. Moreover, since the graduation of the first three PhDEE alumni in 2006, many of our graduates have become esteemed professors at universities, continuing to shape the future of electrical and computer engineering through their research, teaching, and mentorship. The achievements of our ECE alumni are a testament to the exceptional education and training they received from our department. We take great pride in their successes and are committed to providing our current students with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to follow in their footsteps.

Our ECE alumni have played an active role in supporting our department, generously giving back to their alma mater. Many of our alumni regularly speak to our students in introduction classes and seminars, sharing their stories and inspiring the next generation of ECE graduates. Additionally, they provide invaluable mentorship, internships, and job opportunities to our current students, helping to launch their careers in the field of electrical and computer engineering. Thanks to the unwavering support of our alumni, we have been able to establish numerous professorships and scholarships, providing critical resources and opportunities for our students and faculty. We are immensely grateful for the contributions of our alumni and are committed to continuing to work with them to further the success of our department and its graduates.

Your success is our success, and we look forward to celebrating your accomplishments and staying connected for years to come. (Please use the Google Form to get connected.) We welcome our alumni to attend ECE homecoming as a chance to reconnect with our alma mater, celebrate the accomplishments of the ECE department and our fellow graduates, and network with one another.

Their Successes

Roland Green Alumni Spotlight

Hakima Ibaroudene Alumni Spotlight

Nguyen Nguyen Alumni Spotlight

Professorships and Scholarships

Jeff Clarke

  • Mary Lou Clarke Endowed Distinguished Professorship for Leadership in Electric Engineering

  • Robert E. Clarke, Jr. Distinguished Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Roland Green

  • Roland Green Electrical and Computer Engineering Program Endowment

Michael Chan

  • ECE Alumni Scholarship for Biomedical Research

Monobrata Debnath

  • Gouri Debnath Memorial Scholarship for Computer Architecture Research

Family of Anju Rai

  • Anju Rai Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Family of Anshul Sharma

  • Anshul Sharma Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Establishing Endowments and Scholarships

1. Naming the ECE Department

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2. Endowed Professorships and Chair

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  • Professorship: $250,000
  • Distinguished Professorship: $500,000
  • Chair: $1,000,000
  • Distinguished Chair: $2,000,000 

3. Student Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships

You can make a difference in life of a student and help UTSA to attract and recognize the best undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their financial circumstances. The minimum gift level is $25,000 for an undergraduate scholarship and $100,000 for a graduate fellowship.
Klesse Endowment can provide match for graduate fellowships for three years. Some employers also provide matching. For example, to establish a graduate fellowship with your name, in the next 3 years you can do the following each year:
$8,334 own money + $8,334 company match + $16,668 Klesse match = $33,336 per year
Recently established graduate fellowships by our faculty.
  • Mo and Jia Jamshidi Endowed Graduate Fellowship
  • Ruyan Guo and Amar Bhalla Endowed Materials Research Graduate Fellowship

4. Program Endowments

You can choose to support excellence in any program that interests you. The minimum gift level is $10,000. Each year you will just need to contribute $2K for 5 years. Many employers provide their employees with matching so you might only need to contribute $1K.
Recently established Program Endowment
  • Lars Hansen EE Endowment (by retired faculty Dr. Hansen)
  • Roland Green ECE Program Endowment (by our alum Roland Green) 

5. One year or multiple year scholarships

You can donate $1K per scholarship in the area that interests you. 
Recent Scholarships
  • ECE Alumni Scholarship for Biomedical Research (by our alum Michael Chan)
  • Gouri Debnath Memorial Scholarship for Computer Architecture Research by our alum Dr. Monobrata Debnath)

ECE Homecoming

Since the inception of the doctoral program in Electrical Engineering in 2002, a total of 165 PhD students have successfully graduated from the UTSA ECE department. On April 3rd, 2023, a group of 16 PhDEE alumni representing 16 PhD classes since 2006 returned to campus, creating unforgettable memories.

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ECE Homecoming Banner signed

ECE Homecoming 2022 Flyer