Experience the Klesse College Summer Bridge Program

About the Program:

The Klesse College Summer Bridge Program is a 4-week program for incoming freshman who will be pursuing an engineering degree at UTSA. Students admitted to this program attend classes and workshops designed to help prepare them for the rigor of their first semester calculus and chemistry courses while also introducing them to college resources, our college’s various engineering programs, and skills to help prepare them for college life. Students will:

  • Develop their math skills to help them place into Calculus I and be admitted directly into the Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design
  • Review chemistry concepts to help them prepare for General Chemistry I
  • Be paired with an engineering faculty mentor to help students learn more about engineering opportunities, get advice, and set goals for the upcoming year
  • Connect with engineering student organizations to learn about projects, workshops, competitions, and national workshops they can get involved with
  • Attend workshops to learn about study skills, career preparation, engineering identity, and UTSA resources
  • Spend time with a small group of other freshman engineering students to help them build connections with peers prior to the start of the academic year


After the Klesse College Summer Bridge Program:

Students who participate in our Klesse College Summer Bridge Program and are living in Guadalupe Hall are also enrolled in to our Freshman Interest Group (FIG) Program where they will be a part of a community with other engineering students for their entire freshman year. Students in the FIG Program will live directly next to each other in on campus housing, be enrolled in the same courses, have an upper-classman peer mentor to connect with for academic and social support, and be invited to special events during the fall and spring semesters.

Students who participate in our Klesse College Summer Bridge Program and are not living on campus will still have special events during the fall and spring semester to introduce them to opportunities within the college and also receive continued support from Klesse College Student Success Center Staff.

Program Details


The Klesse College Summer Bridge Program is seeking to support students who:

  • Are Admitted to UTSA for the Fall 2024 semester and plan to major in an engineering field
  • Have completed or are enrolled in a high school Pre-Calculus course
  • Feel they could use additional math & chemistry support, are still exploring various fields of engineering, or need help getting connected to resources & support.


The 2024 Klesse College Summer Bridge Program will take place from July 29th - August 23rd, 2024. During this time students will be expected to be available during the day to make it to their scheduled lectures and workshops.


The Klesse College Summer Bridge Program is absolutely free.

Students who are admitted to the program and will be living on campus during the fall and spring semesters will be moved in to their housing assignments at the start of the program and housing costs for their time during the program will be covered.

Students who will not be living on campus and instead commuting to campus can be provided a parking permit to cover parking during their time on campus during the program.

Additional Incentives:

Students who complete all of the requirements of the program will receive a $1,500 stipend that will be applied to their student account to help compensate students for their time and participation.

To Apply

Application is now open for the summer 2024 program!

Apply Now

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. We plan to have students notified and selected before the end of March so students can make any necessary arrangements.

Have Questions?

For more information about the Klesse College Summer Bridge Program, please contact Carlos Velez, Senior Program Manager for the Klesse College Student Success Center, at carlos.velez@utsa.edu