This website was officially made public in November, 2022, built by the UTSA Academic Web Development Team and is under continued expansion and maintenance by the Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design Dean's Office. If you are a Klesse CEID faculty member or administrator, thank you for your contributions to this website's content and for your patience as we continue to improve this website. 

If there is web content you would like to add or revise, please submit a change request via the following Qualtrics survey below. The following types of requests can be made with this form:
  • Add, Update, or Remove a Faculty Profile
  • Requesting content from your faculty profile prior to February 2023 (see "Faculty Profiles" note below)


Please bookmark this page for future reference, and avoid bookmarking the request page as the web change request submission method may change in the future.


Web Updates & Guidelines

Faculty profiles will transition toward having a more streamlined set of visible content. The following will appear on faculty profile pages:

  • Faculty Headshot
  • Faculty Display Name
  • Faculty Title
  • Primary Department
  • Phone #
  • Campus Address
  • Office Location
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Degrees
  • Honors (Fellows of National Academy/Professional Organization)

We will allow faculty to link to:

  • Personal Site (basic wordpress website can be generated for faculty member on request, maintenance is the responsibility of the faculty member)
  • Short Bio (must be provided in PDF form)
  • CV (provided by faculty)

Read more about updating your faculty profile page here.

Latest update: 2023-08-30

Guidelines & Requirements
Aspect Ratio - 400x500
- JPG format
- Full color
- Must be facing and looking toward the camera
- Photo must be relatively centered, with eye level at or around the 1/3 line from the top
- Must be a studio photograph with a blurred, blue or neutral background color
- Temporary allowances can be made to faculty who do not have a photo that matches specifications, however, they must indicate when they will provide a photo which meets guidelines. All faculty members can use the IRIS booth at the UTSA Career Center to obtain their headshot.

In case you are unsure about your photo meeting guidelines, please refer to the photos currently in use by Klesse faculty and note that Klesse CEID reserves the right to modify or reject headshot photos prior to and after publication.